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I have been training pastors for over a decade as a seminary professor, mentor-pastor, and professional coach across a wide-variety of denominational and theological streams. I can attest to the fact that some things work better in person, on location, and intend to create a research and development center to bring preachers, leaders, and innovators together. I will begin by hosting 4-6 events each year that invite creative pastors from all over the world to think, dream, and innovate together on key projects. Additionally, I will host monthly gatherings for pastors in the midwest to receive mentoring, counsel, and critique. Finally, I will make the Chapter House available for pastors as personal study space, an environment for professional coaching, and to create resources for global distribution.

This website is designed to give you a view into the future of the Chapter House. We are currently in the process of raising both funds and a downpayment. For more information, you may contact me directly at or through the contact form on this website.

Dr. David McDonald
Founder, Fossores Global Ministry Development