The Chapter House is a research and development center for creative pastors. Located in Jackson, Michigan, the Chapter House programs offering mentoring, coaching, and camaraderie among preachers, leaders, and innovators.

The camaraderie, resources, and self-directed study of spaces like the Fossores Chapter House create a support network that allows pastors to grow, learn, and be encouraged. Like retreat centers, Chapter Houses provide space for pastors to receive guidance and spiritual development. Pastors need a haven where they can escape the rigors of ministry, where they don’t have to play at being perfect, and where they can discuss issues before their responses are fully formed. Preachers, leaders, and innovators from all over the world come not only for solace and development, but also to incubate the future of the church.


The Salon

The Salon is a place for community, conversation, and inspiration. It is the main space for general sessions, where a small group of participants can ask questions, receive feedback, and share ideas while growing in their understanding of ministry. Rather than a classroom, a salon is the ideal place for learning because there is no lectern, no “front,” and no stage. Conversation occurs among equals, creating an environment where participants learn from one another as much as from the expert. The Salon is still undergoing heavy renovations. The image to the left represents our vision for the completed Salon.

Library 2x3 (1 of 1).jpg

The Library

The Library is set aside for learning, experimentation, and iteration. There are inner sanctums to all great libraries, places where the experts pursue their craft away from the watching public. That’s our kind of habitat. This is the late night, after-hours space, where the riskiest ventures are imagined, proposed, and teased out. Libraries were once places of quiet reflection, but this room is less about shushing and reading than it is about thinking and dreaming.


The Garden

The Garden is an outdoor space to which conversations can migrate, surrounded by iconography, generativity, and ecology. The word “paradise” is derived from the ancient name for garden, and our garden is a sacred space in which outdoor exchanges evolve along a new trajectory. This garden is not a place to gaze upon bougainvillea, but an outdoor living room where laptops and Wi-Fi can be enjoyed on couches next to fire pits and fountains.

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Fossores offers five services

Roundtable discussions are hosted monthly along special ministerial topics (such as leadership, spiritual formation, staffing, vision-casting, etc).


Retreats are offered quarterly. These retreats are not simply designed to revitalize participants, but empower you to make changes and set your mind to the future.

Personal coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to each individual, capitalizing on Dr. McDonald's insights, resources, and strategies for their personal and professional development. Coaching sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with a three-month minimum commitment.


Residencies invite leaders, thinkers, and innovators to take time away for reflection, research, presentation and/or production. They allow individuals to explore their practice in the framework of another locale, meeting new people, using new materials, and experiencing life in a new setting that prioritizes cultural exchange and immersion.

Ministerial cohorts are tight-knit, reliable groups of 3-6 innovative pastors and leaders that meet monthly via video conference to learn and grow.
Dr. McDonald has long-term plans for at least four specific ministerial cohorts: young pastors, innovators and entrepreneurs, women in ministry, and Charismatics.

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