Will You Help Furnish the Chapter House?

Thank you so much for considering donating an item to the Chapter House. If you’ve been in Dr. David McDonald’s office, or the Salish Seaside Escapes of Leonard Sweet, you understand that the furniture and decoration can foster imaginative and creative thinking. We want nothing less than that for the Chapter House.

You can catch the vision for the sorts of spaces we want in the Chapter House on this Pinterest board.

We would love your help in both furnishing specific items, and adopting entire rooms. If you would like to adopt a room, contact David directly at DoctorDavidMcDonald@gmail.com.

If you have furniture that is available for the Chapter House, please post a photo of it in the comments below. Please include measurements of the item, so that we can plan our space intelligently.

We are so thankful that you are coming alongside us to put the finishing touches on the Chapter House! We’ve got one more favor to ask - we do not have a storage location available to us. Would you please consider holding on to your item until we are ready?