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We see a church that elevates women to the highest offices as equal partners with men, shadowing God;

We’re bringing together some of the best and brightest women in ministry for a conversation at the Chapter House November 14-15, 2019. If you are a women who’s actively serving in ministry, we’d want you to come! You can reserve a room in the House, stay elsewhere, or—if you're local—commute, but we want to make sure you know you're invited, you're welcome, and you won't want to miss out.

Dr. David McDonald has been coaching pastors for more than a decade.

“The number one bit of feedback I've received from women is that they are tired. Tired of being overlooked. Tired of being patronized. Tired of being ghettoized as wives and mothers rather than true ministers of the gospel. Clearly, the roles of wife and mother are significant—that's never been in dispute—but women are also eager to learn best practices, skills, and insights about how to flesh out their calling and giftedness in Christian ministry.”

Dr. David McDonald

That will be our focus this November: How can we take our ministry to the next level? 

We will begin on Thursday, November 14 at 8 AM with breakfast in the Salon. Conversation will begin at 9 in the Parlor, with a focus on the unique challenges, frustrations, and opportunities women face in ministry today. We'll break for lunch at a local restaurant, then resume in the afternoon. Evening sessions will be focused on the heart of ministry and the best practices for renewal, reflection, and hope. Friday will follow a similar format, and our time will conclude November 15 at 10 PM.

We’d love for you to come. We’d love for you to be involved. David has spent the majority of his adult life contending for the full inclusion of women in ministry, and this is the first time we'll bring women together at the Chapter House to learn, grow, and propel one another forward. Please email David directly with any questions, comments, or concerns…but don't miss out. This is too important!

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For more information, you may contact me directly at or through the contact form on this website.

Dr. David McDonald
Founder, Fossores Global Ministry Development